Product Owner

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Product Owner


  1. Managing and prioritizing the product backlog

- Responsible for creating and maintaining the product backlog, making it accessible to all parties involved with the product throughout development.

- Create an effective product backlog; break down initiatives into tasks, work with the UX and development team to implement them.

- Collaborate with other product/dev teams, as well as with content, social media, or commercial teams as needed.


  1. Learning the market and customers’ needs

- Translate the company’s strategic plan into the right execution steps, you must understand the market and user/client needs.

- Work with product managers to learn and understand what problems they are aiming to solve with the product, delivering value to users and clients.


  1. Serving as a contact between product and development team

- Translate the product manager’s vision and what each product’s area is designed to do for its users and clients.

- Explain to the dev team the how and the why behind the tasks they’re prioritizing as well as discuss different implementation options.


  1. Oversee the Development Cycle

- Oversee and support the product throughout the development cycle; continuously looking for ways to make processes more efficient.

- Actively participation in stand-up meetings, product evaluation, grooming, planning, review, and final acceptance.

- Works with the development team to identify, define, and organize the steps required for the next iterations.


Skills & Requirements

- Active listener.

- Flexibility and adaptability for fast-changing digital context.

- User flows and clear project definitions.

- Excellent communication skills.

- Collaborative work.

- Fluency in English, both written and spoken

- Strong organizational, analytical, prioritization, problem-solving, and communication skills


Location: Remote

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